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VSR Balancing Equipment


  • Measurements in pk-G's - corresponds to manufacturers data
  • Stored balance data -
  • Oil temperature auto-control system. Oil temperature is controlled precisely

    (i.e. Oil temperature auto-control system controls the oil temperature at

    35±2°C.) Therefore, measurement is more precise and well repeated.

  • Short testing time. It only takes five seconds to finish the whole-speed

    balancing test.

  • Printer Output- customer printout proves the quality of turbo rebuild

    - Measurement parameters are displayed directly on the computer screen and easy to understand. The vibration acceleration, rotation speed, angle, oil temperature, oil pressure and etc. are displayed one-to-one on the computer

    screen. The data can be saved and printed.


    The dynamic balancing of rotation components will directly affect the reliability of turbocharger, as the rotation speed of turbocharger is from 20,000 rpm up to about 200,000 rpm.


    Our VSR core balancing machine is suitable for small and medium-sized turbocharger. For accomplished installed turbocharger, when close to the real working rotation speed, the dynamic imbalance of the rotation components can be eliminated effectively by core balancing machine.


    Our VSR core balancing machine is suitable for turbocharger manufacturers, remanufacturers and repair businesses.


    The original turbine housings are used as driving parts. The driving force exerted on the turbine is exactly the same as the real working condition, thus the measurement of vibration is more precise.