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Price per Unit (piece): R1 888 (including 15 % tax)

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The compact ZAVT-1 module adds fail-safe operation to Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband Systems. The ZAVT-1 contains a loud 95 dB rated buzzer and bright red LED for notifying the driver of a problem. Fail-safe operation is achieved using the optional relay to trigger a boost solenoid, methanol water injection or ignition cutoff.

The Zt-2 Wideband controller will monitor user set levels triggering the ZAVT-1 Warning/Trigger box and optional relay if one or a combination of values exceeds limits. Trigger a failsafe condition on any Zt-2 input including AFR, Boost, RPM, TPS, EGT, Oil/Fuel Pressure, Air/Water temperatures and more. Create a failsafe gauge/display with the Zt-2 controller watching both displayed values and any other connected sensors or inputs. This simple failsafe safeguard is a great way to protect your engine, hardware and time investment.


Audio-visual warnings and the fail-safe trigger can be activated using any of the Zeitronix Zt-2 parameters. Each parameter has user settable levels which the Zt-2 controller will monitor.

Activation can occur through the following methods:

Simple Warnings:  One or more single parameters exceed limits.  
       Example: Boost greater than 7 psi or EGT greater than 1100 F

Complex Warnings: All parameters listed must exceed values.
       Example: AFR greater than 12.6 and RPM greater than 3500

Both "Simple" and "Complex" warnings may be used at the same time.

Parameter Monitoring:

  • AFR too rich     Detect AFR too rich (AFR below a given value).

  • AFR too lean    Detect AFR too lean (AFR above a given value).
    Note: A combination of AFR too rich and AFR too lean alarms can be used to tune for a specific AFR window.

  • Boost too high  Detect boost above a given value.

  • EGT too high    Detect EGT temperatures above a given value.

  • RPM too high   Detect RPM above a given value.
    NOTE: Create a simple shift-light or use with AFR to detect a lean condition during performance driving.

  • TPS too high    Detect TPS above a given value.

  • USER1 Input too high  Detect USER1 input above a given value.

  • USER1 Input too low    Detect USER1 input is lower than a given value.

  • USER2 Input too high  Detect USER2 input above a given value.

  • USER2 Input too low    Detect USER2 input is lower than a given value.
    NOTE: USER1 and USER2 may be connected to oil/fuel pressure sensors, an air temperature sensor, water/transmission/oil temperature sensor or other 0-5 volt output sensors.


1 RED Zt-2 RED Switched +12V Power
2 BLACK Zt-2 BLACK Ground

The Audio Visual Warning and Trigger Box alarm is activated by the Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband AFR Meter. A single Warning Output wire (white with blue stripe) provides the warning/trigger/fail-safe signal and connects to the ZAVT-1 blue wire.

The audio part of the alarm can be deactivated by adjusting the switch SW1 inside the box. 
The visual alarm and a relay trigger are always active.


Open the Zeitronix Logging Software. Connect the Zt-2 Wideband AFR Meter into a PC COM port and power up the Zt-2. Make sure the log graphs are shown on the screen. Then open the Warnings and Triggers menu by selecting "Hardware" then "Warnings:: Setup..." or by pressing the 'w' key.


Parameters can be selected for use in a Simple or a Complex Warning.
A Simple Warning will be triggered when any of selected parameters exceed preset warning levels.
A Complex Warning will be triggered when all selected parameters exceed preset warning levels.

In an example below a warning will be activated if the Boost exceeds 7 psi.
A warning will also be activated if the AFR mixture is leaner than 12.5 AND the RPM is greater than or equal to 6500.


Many other warning combinations can be set by using the ZDL software.

The alarms are saved in the Zt-2 flash memory and kept after disconnecting a PC laptop or disrupting power.

Zt-2s manufactured after Jan 22 2007 have additional alarm duration feature, which keeps the alarm active after the alarm condition is removed. The alarm duration can be setup between 0-240 seconds.

The Zt-2 has a single warning output wire. Simple and complex warnings both activate the ZAVT-1 using this warning output wire.


The Zeitronix ZAVT-1 box is capable of triggering an optional relay at a preset warning level. Connect the ZAVT-1 WHITE wire ONLY to the negative side of the relay; otherwise, leave the WHITE wire unconnected and protected from accidental connection to any other signal.
Relay wire colors correspond to relays purchased from Zeitronix.



ZAVT-1 is compatible with the Zt-2 Wideband AFR Meter REV 9 or higher. Zt-2s purchased after May 9 2006 are compatible and support Simple Warnings. Zt-2s purchased after September 1 2006 support both Simple and Complex Warnings. You can check the Zt-2 compatibility by accessing the warnings feature in the Zeitronix Data Logging Software Version 2.0.8 or higher. To do this open pen the Zeitronix Logging Software. Connect the Zt-2 Wideband AFR Meter into a PC COM port and power up the Zt-2. Make sure the log graphs are shown on the screen. Open the Warnings and Triggers menu (v2.0.18 or choose "warnings setup" from the "Hardware" menu in the version 3 software. The following message is displayed if an incompatible Zt-2 AFR Meter is detected. See the hardware compatibility pagefor information on a possible upgrade to support this feature.