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Zeitronix nDash Touch Screen Display
Full color, OBDII compatible Touch Screen Display for the Zt-2 and Zt-3 Wideband AFR Meters


  • Zeitronix nDash display is Preconfigured for easy Plug and Play use with the Zt-2, Zt-3 or combination of both.
  • Display and data log AFR, RPM, EGT, Vacuum/Boost, TPS, and configurable User Inputs from one or two Zt-2s
  • Run a Dual Zt-2 or Zt-3 configuration for left and right cylinder bank AFR values!
  • 4.4" Touch-Screen offers 480x272 resolution using TFT LCD technology.
  • 24-bit full color display with contrast ratio of 350:1
  • Dimensions are 5” x 3” x 0.75”, weight is only 0.5 lbs, (127mm x 77mm x 19mm, 275 grams)
  • Full OBDII support for display of parameters such as Mass Air Flow, Spark Advance, Coolant Temperature, and many more!  (OBDII is not required for use with the Zt-2 and Zt-3.)
  • Generic OBDII, Enhanced Ford, Chrysler and GM drivers.
  • For additional two channels nDash analog inputs are mapped to Zeitronix sensors.
  • Data logging support onto removable memory card -- no laptop or PDA required.
  • Auto Adjusting backlight, night mode, and low power standby.
  • Calculate Horsepower, Torque, 0 to 60 Performance, MPG and set configurable trip counters.
  • Diagnose and clear check engine light error codes.
  • OBDII and Plug and Play Zeitronix Zt-2 cables included.
  • N-Dash Zt-2 license included
  • Simple and secure windshield-mounted display.

Examples of Configurable Screens

  • Full color analog gauges
  • Different 'skins' allow you to  change the look and style of your display.
  • Mix and Match
    OBDII and Zt-2 data.

  • Graph Zt-2 data points in real time: Wideband AFR-Lambda, RPM, TPS, EGT, Vacuum-Boost, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature, Air Intake Temperature and more!

  • Many other page layouts and styles available.


Data Logging

  • Log Zt-2, Zt-3 data and OBDII data on optional MMC/SD memory cards (up to 4GB in size).
  • Supports Full OBDII for 1996 and newer vehicles (Zt-2 parameters from any vehicle)
  • Log and View up to 24 parameters at once for hours at a time
  • Zt-2 to N-Dash  connector cable included
  • Connect two to log left and right cylinder banks in our Dual Zt-2 configuration

Example Lean AFR nDash log file opened in the Zeitronix Data Logger PC Software

Zeitronix nDash Packages

Zt-2 + nDash Bundle Complete Zeitronix Data logging System with nDash  display plus connector cable.  The Display is preconfigured with Zeitronix driver and screens. Buy Now!
nDash Display Add a N-Dash to your Zt-2 system, includes nDash™ and cable required to connect to the Zt-2.  The Display is preconfigured with Zeitronix driver and screens. Buy Now!

Zeitronix nDash Installation

Zeitronix nDash Kit Installation Overview / Tips / Downloads
Questions Installation