EFI Downloads

Last Updated on 30 March 2017 administrator 12 October 2006


Please extract the Mr Turbo Programs on your hard drive first then run it.

FULL Product Mr Turbo EFI tunning Software

Mr Turbo1.68 3bar
Mr Turbo1.69 3bar

Mr Turbo v2.31 ( For Version 2 Boards only)


Startup MAPS FOR EFI v1.70 (please not these are just startup maps your car will still need a dyno tune)

Please extract these maps on your hard drive first then run the Mr Turbo Tunning software then connect your Mr EFI system then COPY MAP TO EFI under disk functions!

2L 16V VW Turbo

350 Chevy 300cc Injectors

Toyota 4AGE STD

Toyota 7m-ge

Toyota 20v Startup

Golf 3 2L Digifant 2e



Opel Corsa 160 Turbo 400cc injectors

Opel 2L 16v Turbo 550cc injectors

VW 2L 16V VR6 injectors

VW 2L 8V digifant



Wiring Diagrams:

EFI 2 Fuel & Timing (NEW)

EFI2 Specifications

EFI Fuel and Timing

EFI Fuel only

Lambda Sensor Diagram

TP100 Firing Module Diagram

Turbo Timer 1

Turbo Timer 2


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